Middle school will shape your child’s future.

Discover LuHi — a private school on Long Island where your child can develop their strengths in a positive environment, intentionally preparing for high school, college & life.

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Church Farm School
1001 E. Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341

Your middle schooler won’t get lost in the crowd at LuHi.

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"I have never had such an experience where I share genuine connections with a majority of the students, teachers, and staff at school, making these past four years incredibly meaningful and enjoyable. I've felt such a unique sense of community at LuHi, which I will always cherish."

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Download Your Free Guide Now

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iPad Preview-Defining Success

In this parent guide, you will learn:

Why college prep shouldn’t wait until high school, and how we help pre-teens get future-ready

What new experiences your child will have at LuHi, including clubs, leadership, athletics, performing arts, service projects, and more

Ways we create alignment between your home and school by reinforcing Christian values and communicating purposefully with parents

Why safety matters more than ever in middle school, and how LuHi fosters a learning culture where students feel secure and surrounded by positive influence

-  Stella '23, NYU '27

iPad Preview-Defining Success

Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School • 131 Brookville Road, Brookville NY 11545

Build Confidence

Our innovative curriculum helps students become problem solvers who are able to communicate their ideas and collaborate with others.

LuHi is a place where students are actively encouraged to pursue new talents and interests to see where they excel.

Discover New Skills

Model Respect

We equip students to make a positive impact on their communities through character building, leadership training, and positive mentors.

Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School
131 Brookville Road, Brookville NY 11545

Families choose LuHi because we help middle schoolers: